Gardening for Butterflies

Welcome to the Washington Area
Butterfly Club’s Butterfly Gardening Page
Serving the Northern Virginia,
District of Columbia and Maryland areas.

Butterfly Gardening Defined
Below are specific topics about butterfly gardening.
•   Butterfly Gardening Tips. What to consider when starting a butterfly garden.
•   Butterfly Gardening in the D.C. Area This mini manual was created by a club member specifically for beginning gardeners in the D.C. Metro area. (PDF file)
•    Butterfly Gardening in the Washington Metropolitan Area, a locally-focused handout created by club member and naturalist Alsonso Abugattas.
•    What Do Caterpillars Eat? Host plants for locally native butterfly species.
•   Some Favorite Nectar Plants.   Flowers to plant to attract butterflies.
•   Deer Resistant Plants.   Butterfly plants that are less tasty to deer.
•   Butterfly Gardening Resources Lists clubs and associations, reference books, plant sales, and some plant nurseries.

Other butterfly gardening resources

List of links to more butterfly gardening information:
•   Baltimore Checkerspots is a web page chronicling the life cycle of the Baltimore Checkerspot through pictures and narration by the owner of a small plant nursery located in Central Pennsylvania. NOTE: Several people have reported mortality in Checkerspot larvae raised on Chelone ‘Hot Lips’, referenced in this story. It is safest to use the straight native turtlehead (with white blooms).
•    Butterfly Gardening from Monarch Watch includes information on creating schoolyard butterfly gardens.
• includes information on butterfly gardening and raising Lepidoptera.
•    The Butterfly WebSite provides extensive info on all things related to butterflies. Includes many articles on butterfly gardening.
•    Caterpillar Host plants Database at The Natural History Museum, London. Searchable database, and the ability to add your own records to the database.
•    Common Butterflies and Their Larval Foods, Baltimore-Washington Region, a list of local host plants compiled by a WABC member.
•   How to Make Butterfly Gardens. University of Kentucky, Department of Entomology.
•    Public Butterfly Gardens. The best public butterfly gardens to visit in the D.C. area.
•   USING NATIVE PLANTS TO ATTRACT BUTTERFLIES AND CLEARWING MOTHS IN THE WASHINGTON, D.C. AREA AND VIRGINIA.   Probably the most extensive list available of locally appropriate butterfly nectar and host plants. (PDF file)

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